The D&AD Wine List

It’s that time of the year when designers across the world wait with bated breath for the results of the D&AD awards. Was I longlisted? Will I be In Book? Did I really just spunk another £3,000 on foamboard and bitter disappointment?

Just imagine, for every competition entry you thought of submitting, or every ticket to an awards ‘do’ you though of buying, you instead put that money towards a restaurant meal with your friends and colleagues. You could dine out at some of the best eateries, drinking their finest wines, and be a darn sight happier than sitting in a room of drunk creatives, dressed in their best ‘thinking outside the tux’ jacket and t-shirt, drinking overpriced, acrid Chilean plonk, hoping that Richard E. Grant could stop being a prick for long enough to announce your award for Best Integrated Mobile Letterhead, before embarrassing yourself by dancing (ironically) to Fleetwood Mac.

Here is a round-up of the four examples of wine packaging that have been shortlisted for a D&AD Award in the Packaging Design category, two of which (VML and Warm Red) we have featured on Grogger before:

Agency: The Collective
Client: De Bortoli

Mayhem Wine Bottle
Agency: Leo Burnett Chicago
Client: Allstate

Agency: Stranger & Stranger
Client: Truett Hurts Dry Creek Valley

Warm Red
Agency: Designers Anonymous
Client: Designers Anonymous

We’ll let you know when we find out if any of them have won a coveted Yellow Pencil. For our tuppence worth, our favourites are the more ‘straight-up’ packaging for Este and VML, rather than the designer gifts of the the other two, although Warm Red is a wonderfully apt marriage between wine and design.