Grogger Grand Tour

We’ve said it before that we believe that Australia is the spiritual home of the kind of wine that we like - wines to drink and enjoy, with personality and without pretension. Combined with a bright and creative design scene, it was an easy choice for Grogger to relocate to sunnier climes Down Under. And within this expansive landmass, where grapes are grown and wine is made from Perth to Sydney (that’s 3200km, the same distance as London to Alexandria, kids), Adelaide is the beating heart of vineous and visual expression.

The vineyards surrounding Adelaide are a chocolate box of wine styles, from bruising, brooding Barossa shiraz, to elegant, erudite Eden Valley rieslings. Clare Valley, McLaren Vale, the Adelaide Hills; almost every grape in every style can be found amongst the sunny, rolling landscapes around South Australia’s capital. Perhaps Tasmania does a prettier pinot, and Hunter a superior semillon, but you’d be hard pressed to find a better city to live in if wine is your thing.

Similarly, in the world of design, Sydney has the international branding powerhouses, and Melbourne its, erm, hipster coffee bars. But Adelaide is home to some of our favourite creative, expressive agencies that produce unique solutions to branding and packaging the local vino. (Sydney exceptions that prove the rule is Interbrand’s work for Peter Lehmann and War’s work for Logan Wines.)

So, after many 6 months of hard work and harder drinking in Sydney, it was time for our summer holiday. Ladies and gentlemen, may we present the Grogger Grand Tour: Adelaide 2012!