Grogger is dead…

If the historical home of wine is somewhere around Greece and Turkey, and the spiritual home of wine can be shared between the terroir of France and the heart and soul of Italy, the it should be noted that the spiritual home of Grogger is Australia.

From years working is Oddbins - a company that can take a considerable amount of credit for introducing the UK to Oz’s vineous offerings and fostering Grogger’s ‘anything goes’ attitude to wine - and a love of big, bold wines means that Australia is the country we first turn to when looking for a Bottle to glug. 

We’d also go as far to say the Australian wine boom of the 80s and 90s reinvented the way wine was labelled and advertised. No longer would wine be packaged as ‘le chateau tres poussiereux’, instead youth, colour and cartoon marsupials were allow into the vocabulary of wine design. The obvious of putting the grape variety on the label, probably because of difficulty of saying ‘puligny- montrachet’ with a mouthful of barbecue shrimp is more difficult than ‘chardonnay’.

So it is with great pleasure that we can announce that the whole Grogger team has emigrated to the land of sunshine and Charlene, Australia! We hope to bring you the best in antipodean plonk pictures, and in honor of this we have changed our name. Grogger is dead; long live G’rogger!