What is Grogger?
Grogger is an online degustation of wine and design. We report on instances of good, bad or indifferent design in the wine world. We also hold tastings and review wines that have fascinated us through the design – beautiful or ugly – of the packaging, label or advertising, and then we rate the wine accordingly.

Wino-designos? That’s quite a niche audience…
Well yes, but Grogger is attempting to do something different. There are loads of cool graphic design and packaging blogs in the world, but they never review what’s ‘in the bottle’. And there are hundreds of wine reviewing sites on the web that provide all the details and nuances on what’s in the bottle, but make no mention of the huge variety of interesting wine bottles, labels and branding that inform and persuade the wine-drinker.

Grogger intends to squeeze its pert derrier between the two on the metaphorical interweb-couch to stimulate and lubriate conversation between the two.

Who is Grogger?
The Grogger team is a select team of wine lovers, people with experience in the wine trade and designers from some of the UK’s top graphic and digital design agencies. More importantly, we like a drink!

So these tastings, I assume they are conducted under strict guidelines using ISO tasting glasses, temperature controls and an expert panel of qualified professionals in order to guarantee objectivity?
If by ‘ISO tasting glasses’ you mean whatever is not in the dishwasher, and by ‘qualified professionals’ you mean whoever has dropped into Grogger HQ, then yes, of course.

I’ve seen a really nifty/horrific looking wine. Can I review it for Grogger?
We’re afraid not, but please send us a picture or link and we will consider tracking it down and doing a proper Grogger review. Alternatively, buy a bottle and invite yourself over to Grogger HQ. Bring crisps.

If you work for a wine shop, supplier or producer and would like to send us a bottle or six then email us at hello@grogger.co.uk and we will give you a shipping address. Our reviews are, of course, completely impartial and conducted without fear or favour for the entire duration of the first glass.

Are you on Twitter?
Yep, we are! Follow our updates and posts at Twitter.com/GroggerUK

I’ve heard you do wine tasting and write articles?
Yes, we’ve organised and run some informal but enthusiastic wine tasting for a select few design agencies. We have also been commissioned to write articles for publications. If you’re interested in a Grogger wine tasting or articles, please get in touch.

If this is a blog about design, why is the design of Grogger so shit?
Piss off.